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-Striving for the Faith of Job; Seeking a Desire like David-

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angel bath

Ogi, I miss you.

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You are an amazing and strong person.
Your words- so evocative, so powerful, so often full of ache- make me want to wrap my arms around you, wing-like. Hum to you softly.

We might not even need words to find some true understanding between us; the syllables of souls that understand one other spilling straight from skin to skin.

You are an incredible woman. Please- know this.


Oh, you.

I have missed your words, your gentle heart and sweet spirit. Thank you for writing again. Mostly, thank you for having you figured out, if only mostly, and sharing (so that all of us who think the world would be such a better place if only we loved one another more are reassured that we are right).

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