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Dreaming by the Day

-Striving for the Faith of Job; Seeking a Desire like David-

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"Dreams have only one owner at a time; that's why dreamers are lonely."
--Erma Bombeck

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"I'll take 'People Who Did Not Enjoy Their Day' for a thousand, Alex."
"Answer: 'She spent a full 24 hours horribly sick from new pain medication.'"
"Who is Kim Grier?"
"Correct. Choose again."

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So, Verizon lost a customer today.

For the past two weeks, I've felt like I've been starring in a company instructional video on customer service. You know, the kind that show you the worst possible scenario so you know how not to handle it? Yeah, that kind. I don't use the term incompetent very often, but... There you go. Incompetent.

And, I'm in a bakery, pirating WiFi.

Not really; the WiFi is free.

This time.

Hope everyone has a blast for New Year's. Hopeful, I'll have internet before the Eve becomes the Day. We'll see.


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This is how we tweet on LJ.

Plundering internet from Dunkin' Donuts because Verizon is officially my Christmas Grinch (pre-heart enlargement).

House is great. Feels a little like I'm on vacation; "home" is still awhile off, I think. Getting there, though.

First piece of mail was a Lolcatsesque Christmas card from raegun. Very appropriate.

Finished Christmas shopping last night. Money left over means some folks (and I'm looking at the country which is also a continent) will get their birthday and Christmas gifts before Easter, maybe.

I'm a mess.

Moving at Christmastime is still a bad idea; nothing has changed my mind about this, just so you know.

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Good morning, Last Day Before We Move. It's early, and I'm tired, and I think I might hate you just a little (because I know you will be long and full of hard work). That said, I'm also glad you are here (because I'm fickle).

Do you think they'll let me in the dump this early?

angel bath

I'm heading out to my aunt's early in the morning, so I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving now. If you're on my friends list, you're among the things I am most thankful for everyday of every year.

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The Boys just clenched the Series, and we got our 27th. Huzzah!


On this day, I was finally able to afford a treatment.

On this day, I met a doctor named Brennan, who looks remarkably like TJ Thyne (and he understood exactly why I was stoked to meet him).

On this day, we learned that we might have a contract on our house, and could be on the island by Christmas.

On this day, V premiered.

So... Yeah. I'm feeling so darn good right now, it made me post like I'm composing a manifesto.

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She clenches her jaw, much more than she ever did. She's always known that she clenches and grinds her teeth at night; she's been warned by doctors and dentists at least once a year since 1994, when she had her wisdom teeth removed.

"Nightmares?" her orthodontist asked, then, right before putting her to sleep.

And the conversation went a little something like this:


"Do you have nightmares?"

"Not that I can remember," she answered candidly, thinking he was concerned with how she would respond to the anesthesia. "I mean, I don't ever remember having dreams, so I don't know if they're bad, or not. I don't thrash or sleepwalk, or anything, either."

"Good thing, about the nightmares. Most of my adolescent clenchers and grinders have pretty bad dreams. Not remembering them is almost as good as not having them, though, huh?"

The words are approximated, but the content is exact. It wasn't the kind of conversation she could easily forget; she's wondered about what he said ever since. Back then, she wondered why nightmares caused grinding. Years down the line, she would wonder if it wasn't that she just didn't remember the nightmares she had, and if that really was almost as good as not having them, at all.

Now, she wonders what it means that she's clenching and grinding while she's still awake.

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The sun will rise in a few hours, and the murky morning rays will dissolve the thin tendrils of delusion lashing me still so soundly to Saturday. Yes, my friends, another Halloween has quite officially come and gone. I'm as sad as a girl can be in regard to the passing of a holiday infused with no personal spiritual significance. Be that as it may, I can say with the utmost certainty that this has been the most fun Halloween in nearly a decade; I would venture that the Hallam Theatre Tech Crew fright fest and slumber party of 2000 was my last great hurrah (not that this is saying overmuch, as I did not actually do anything of substance, but I was actually able to celebrate, and in costume).

And, costume, thy name is zombie!

It started out simple enough; some basic colors, some bloody rags, and a few super secret surprises. I wasn't 100% happy with the way it turned out in the end, mostly because I ran out of time. This was because it took significantly longer to apply the liquid latex and white base coat than I anticipated. My psoriasis was both a blessing and a curse; it took forever to cover, but wound up a little more "natural" because I looked effortlessly mottled.

The biggest disappointment was the bite which led me to Zedhood. I've never worked with foam latex before, and it is quite evident that I need much more practice. Fortunately, it was mostly hidden by a torn sleeve (the bite was on my forearm), and after adding copious amounts of both gel and stage blood, it looked more like a festering wound than...well...this crappy foam bite mark.

After adding a little perimortem bruising (red, blue, and black around the eyes, along the most blotchy cheek bone, and at the neck and head wounds), and blood, I was properly zombified. I was most pleased with how my eyes and neck wound turned out. I'll definitely keep this configuration for the future, and will probably rely more heavily on the liquid latex now that I know how to work with it.

Ben Nye Tooth Color, mixed eventually with Thin Mint flavored stage blood, gave my maw a pretty grody look. In hindsight, however, I wish I had added more blood around my mouth and nose (to look like I had bit into another human rather than my own tongue).

I spent the night hopping parties with my mother, my aunt and my uncle (I have to find a better shot of him), my cousin, and a friend (who I did, eventually, try to eat). There was music (even a live band at one party) and dancing, food and drinks, fun and frivolity. I capped the night by winning some champers for sporting the scariest costume.

Good night was good, and I am one happy Zed.


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